First ever Robots to be featured at MAPIC!

As retailers and developers focus on the value of enhancing the in store ‘customer experience’,  more and more entertainment & leisure companies are coming to MAPIC to showcase their concepts. Due to the growing need for entertainment in the shopping arena, MAPIC has created a dedicated leisure zone in Riviera Hall this year for market players.

KCC Entertainment (Belgium), will be back again this year and among some of the companies offering design leisure environments that provide unique experiences for consumers. Other new players to be present in the zone this year are Attraktion! with WeRobots, RP Solutions with Studio Harcourt Photobooths, Replay, and Graphik.

Attraktion! however, will no doubt be the center of attention as they exhibit their brand new product, WeRobots, designed for infotainment and guidance at exhibitions, shopping malls, amusement parks, family entertainment centres, museums and airports.  The brand new We Robots, have already two major installations in progress in Saudi Arabia and Shanghai, China. I was lucky to get a few words with Markus Beyr (Managing Director and part owner of Attraktion!) regarding this sensational product.


MAPICWorld: New technology in retail is a growing topic at MAPIC. Can you share with us an example of how WeRobots is helping retailers and shopping centers provide excellent customer service?

Markus Beyr: WeRobots recognise people and are proactively approaching customers to offer their services. If somebody doesn’t find their way, WeRobots can guide visitors throughout the mall. As a Shopping Mall typically only has one or two infodesks, WeRobots are dispatched throughout the whole centre and can give infotainment in all areas inside the mall.



MAPICWorld: Robots seem to be growing in popularity and we can see various examples of their use in retail, especially in Asia. How does WeRobots differentiate themselves from some of the other competitors?

Markus Beyr: WeRobots are the worlds first robots performing in groups. They drive in formations, and are nice to look at, while they move around and do crazy things. Besides typical information services, like overview of all shops, and information on Sale items,  WeRobots can also deliver telepresence (interact with other persons in front of other robots), or play a Quiz.



MAPICWorld: What do you hope to achieve at MAPIC this year?

Markus Beyr: Mapic is the first show globally where these robots will be presented to the public. We hope to create awareness for this new infotainment genre we’ve created!


Don’t miss WeRobots at MAPIC – booth #R27.12 in Riviera Hall



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