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Perhaps one of the most prolific French designers of our time, Philippe Starck has created products in just about every area of design: furniture, bathroom fittings, kitchens, floor and wall coverings, lighting, appliances, clothing, tableware, retail, graphic design and even publishing. For the past 30 years he has been designing restaurants and hotels all over the world, including Café Costes in Paris, the Royalton in New York, the Mondrian in LA and the Sanderson in London, among others. Starck is particularly known for his campaigns for well-designed and eco-friendly quality objects that are accessible to all, produced in high quantity in order to reduce costs.

This November he will be at MAPIC with the French company Bacacier in the launch of Bacacier by Starck 3S, a huge construction system of giant connectable lego like pieces. The 3S represents Steel Style Starck, as he was challenged to reinvent the traditional metal sheet cladding found in industrial building design. From this was born the “extraordinary new toolbox for architects,” allowing designers to create a singular building at an affordable price. In line with the Starck philosophy, the product will not be created for the luxury market, but will be manufactured for mass distribution.

The system itself will be comprised of a series of metal sheets, revolutionary screws and attachable accessories such as decorative plates, perpendicular lines, and flower baskets.

After 3 years of development, the concept will be unveiled in Cannes at MAPIC 2013. Philippe Starck will present the project during his Keynote speech “Réinventons l’habillage métallique du bâtiment” held Thursday 14, November 2013.


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