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Søstrene Grene

The Danish decorating store Søstrene Grene is more than just a shop, it’s a unique shopping experience. Since 1973, Søstrene Grene (which means The Grene sisters) wants to offer a creative break time for busy consumers, where they can be inspired and make their very own personalised home decoration. They want to provide a space where decoration, DIY products and colours are king.


    The stores are arranged like a labyrinth of colours, shapes and smells with changing products every week, offering the customer a large range of choice. The products are designed by Søstrene Grene’s own team of skilled designers so they can offer unique pieces that are exclusively available in Søstrene Grene stores.   All their products are sold at very competitive prices due to their marketing strategy that consists of purchasing high-volume stock directly from the manufacturer and employing a modern logistic that allows them to route and store their goods at reasonable prices.


Søstrene Grene’s main goal is to be a specialty shop adored by all: a parallel world where everything is designed to impress customers and make them want to come back.

The retailtainment industry is an ongoing trending topic in 2015 and Søstrene Grene has successfully implanted this marketing strategy in their stores. The customer experience is the heart and soul of their business, using entertainment in retail to seduce new markets –  that’s why they choose to go international by opening franchises worldwide. They are currently in Denmark, France, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Iceland and Nederlands.

Søstrene Grene will be at MAPIC 2015, which will be the perfect opportunity to talk about their franchising offer.


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