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Make no bones about it. “The Italian real estate market today shows a renewed dynamism and great business opportunities for both Italian and international retailers and investors“, President of CNCC Italia (Italian Council of Shopping Centres) Massimo Moretti assures. Facts and figures confirm this trend as Cushman & Wakefield reports an increase of 0.3% y/y in Italy’s retail sales. “The investment market is resilient“, the snapshot indicates, “and there is high demand for all asset class properties, with yields stable across the country“. It is therefore a safe bet that the freshly-announced MAPIC Italy event will take place under the best auspices in Spring 2016.

When it comes to Italian retailers, clothing always comes to mind. One can effortlessly name the world-renowned Italian luxury houses Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, but other retailers are elbowing their way in the market. Among them is fashion retailer Teddy Group, the organisation that markets brands Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento and MissMiss. With a strong, deeply-rooted Italian identity – the group calls itself “a multinational corporation with an Italian-beating heart” – the firm headquartered in the Northern city of Rimini on the Adriatic coast runs a network of 571 stores (including 19 wholesale stores) across 48 countries. Each of Teddy Group’s brands interprets the latest fashion trends in its own way, thus addressing the needs of various customer segments. Considering the global digital shift taking place in the retail industry, Teddy Group has established itself as a click-and-mortar player that leverages both online and offline retail channels.

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The group’s financial situtation has also proven to be resilient. Following a consistent growth trend (17.7% average annual growth from 1988 to 2014), turnover reached 550 million euros in 2013. Although Italy remains Teddy Group’s core market with 45% of retail and wholesale stores located there, it is closely followed by Europe (34%) and Asia (18%) as a consequence of its successful internationalisation strategy launched in the 1990s. An important symbol and a significant milestone was reached when the group opened its first wholesale department, Rinascimento brand, in 2001 in Paris.

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