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MEGA Teply Stan, Moscow

Owner/Developer: IKEA Shopping Centres Russia
MEGA Teply Stan, Moscow

Developments: Upgrading of food court / extension

Description: The mall’s food court is being upgraded and extended to create a unique leisure space for visitors, particularly families, where they can gather and socialise. The aim of the project is to create a unique space that combines the food court’s cafés and restaurants with the mall’s recreational area. Located at the heart of the shopping centre, the food court will be a focal point for the guests, a place for people to meet and chat. The food court will be divided into different zones such as family, youngsters and urban. Restaurant space will be divided into separate segments for fast food, and longer “destination” dining concepts. A new unique design will create a central piazza within the food court, which will be the mall’s main meeting and relaxation point. The changes will see MEGA Teply Stan’s food court area almost double in size, creating opportunities for both existing and potential restaurant tenants. In addition, after its extension, the mall’s total gross leasable area (GLA) is set to increase in size to a total of 2 million sq.ft (195 000 sq.m), providing a new modern space for retailers across all sectors.

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