10 Key Takeways From MAPIC & LeisurUp Digital 2020

With the retail industry disrupted by an unprecedented global pandemic, this year’s MAPIC and LeisurUp moved to an online platform for 2020. The highlight of the networking and content platform was two live days of presentations, panel discussions and special forums that showcased the key retail industry themes on the future of retail, collaboration, innovation, food & beverage, leisure and lifestyle destinations.

Yet MAPIC & LeisurUp Digital is about more than just these fantastic retail industry sessions and retail industry trends. The platform is available until December 31 via www.mapic.com and includes all the live content, plus exclusive retail industry reports across on-demand sessions, special retail business content and a networking platform.

While MAPIC will once again be a physical event in 2021, as its runs alongside LeisurUp and The Happetite at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, in November 2021, this year our adapted event ended up, fittingly, focusing on adaptation. The retail industry was already changing before COVID-19 but the pandemic has accelerated the consumer behaviours and retail markets that will define the future of retail, online retailing, retail stores, place, space and time.

This special retail industry report brings you a flavour of two dynamic, packed days, as our speakers and over 2,300 participants discussed the retail industry becoming fit-for purpose, adapting retail business models, reshaping experiences across channels, franchising, leisure and entertainment, urban regeneration and mixed uses.

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About Author

Mark Faithfull is Editor of the MAPIC Preview and News Magazines, as well as Editor of online publication and analysis specialist Retail Property Analyst.

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