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Alessandro Pozzi, Managing Director of Tommy Hilfiger Italy, pursued his studies at Milan University and obtained a degree in Economic Science in 1993. He began his career in 1993 at Gallarate Municipal Government as Sport & Press Councillor. Alessandro joined Sergio Tacchini in 1998 as Distributor Manager and created a franchising network of 65 stores all across Europe. In 2001 he was promoted as Retail Manager and became responsible for the management of 130 stores (60 own retail & 70 franchising).

In December 2007, Tommy Hilfiger contacted him and he was hired as Retail Director. A huge asset to the Italian business, Tommy Hilfiger Group appointed him as the Managing Director of Tommy Hilfiger Italia in June of 2011.

Listen to Alessandro Pozzi in this exclusive interview as he addresses the current challenges facing the European retail industry.



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What are your objectives at MAPIC?

These are some challenging times in Italy. How do you see it having an impact on the retail channel?

The internet , social media and mobile are becoming more present in retail. How are those things playing a role in your business and what are your strategies?

What is your view on the new customer experience?

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