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Fast Food that is Good Food

It all started with an observation: why can’t fast food be good food? Founded in London in 2004, the young-yet-thriving restaurant chain Leon envisioned a whole new fast-food experience. This audacious strategy is reflected in the brand’s motto: “Naturally Fast Food“.

Leon offers a large selection of dishes that is based around the Mediterranean diet.  With a focusing on fruits, vegetables, seeds & wholegrains, the menu has been designed for the sake of well-being. Leon’s value proposal can be summarised as Naturally Fast Food that tastes Good, does you Good, makes you feel Good and is Good to the planet. 

Critics have unanimously praised this refreshing concept, as Leon won a series a awards including UK’s Healthiest Restaurant (Men’s Health Magazine, 2013), and the Retailer’s Retailer Awards Evolution Award in 2015. Giles Coren, quoted from the Times, even honoured Leon as nothing less than “the future of fast food”.

Retailer of Week: Leon

Mushrooming restaurants

Leon restaurants are mushrooming in London: to date, one can grab a salad or a wrap sandwich from one of the 22 outlets located in the British capital. It is worth noting that Leon has established itself in UK major transports hubs like Kings Cross railway station and Heathrow international airport.

Fuelled by a high average revenue per site of £30,309 per week, Leon’s growth is expected to accelerate with 12 new sites due to open in 2015, 19 in 2016 and 30 in 2017. Consequently, the chain is following an ambitious retail property strategy to sustain its vigorous development outlook. This is why Leon will be attending the next edition of MAPIC, the international retail property market on 18-20 November 2015.


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