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According to CBRE‘s latest report on the German retail market, “approximately 9% of Germany’s total retail turnover is spent on clothing and home textiles, making it the second largest retail sector after food“. Not only is the clothing segment “the most important group on Germany high streets and shopping centres“, but it is also characterised by a diversity and dynamism of formats. On a global scale, Germany is the “world’s 4th largest apparel market” and holds first position in Europe.

Among the key players of the German textile sector is shirt manufacturer and menswear retailer Olymp. Founded in 1951, the firm heardquartered near the southern city of Stuttgart offers a wide selection of apparel to those “successful” men who are familiar with the feeling of reaching “Olympian heights”. Olymp’s Business Collection consists of elegant knitwear, shirts and ties. Its Casual Collection, on the other hand, includes t-shirts, polos and leisure shirts made for informal occasions.

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Over the last years, Olymp has delivered strong financial results in spite of the general turmoil the textile industry found itself in. Olymp’s turnover reached €225.4 million in 2014, i.e. an 11-percent increase compared to 2013. The firm is now looking to leverage this overwhelming growth by furthering international expansion. “About two-thirds of the revenue is still generated in the German market, which is […] on the decline”, interprets Mark Bezner, Olymp’s owner and CEO. “In future we should see a continuous increase in the export ratio due to sustained market penetration and the acquisition of new areas“.

Far from resting on its laurels, Olymp is pursuing its innovation policy. As an example, the brand launched its “Fashion Access” B2B online shopping platform earlier this year, in order to simplify its trade partners’ ordering process. For sure, this retailer is worth keeping an eye on at MAPIC.

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