All to play for in lifestyle centres - White paper

The retail landscape has changed beyond all recognition over the last two decades. LDP argues here that – rather than sounding the death knell for the sector – exciting opportunities and diversified new revenues await retail real estate operators who tap into the vast, long-lasting potential of leisure and entertainment.

At MAPIC, property and retail property players want to get entertained!

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The key points are:

1. Introduction

2. The argument for leisure

3. Measuring impact

4. Benefits of quality content

5. Maximising synergy is key


About Author

James has been working in the entertainment and leisure sector since 2003 and joined LDP as a Partner in 2012. James has worked across all entertainment and leisure real estate sub groups including all varieties of visitor attractions, various forms of accommodation, stadium and arenas, and large mixed-use developments with multiple land uses. A flavour of recent assignments that James has worked on includes attractions anchored mixed use resort developments in Cyprus and in Cairo, Egypt, a new stadium development in the UK, an individual attraction feasibility study in Jakarta, Indonesia, a specialty attraction in the Netherlands, strategic attractions and tourism studies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and in Ontario, Canada, and an Economic Impact Assessment of a number of leisure destinations in Sweden.

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