LeisurUp: That's Entertainment - 2020 event report

The leisure industry and food & beverage (F&B) have played an increasingly important role within the MAPIC events in Cannes and, over the past two years, special events dedicated to leisure industry sectors have run on the day before MAPIC. This year, LeisurUp launched on the same digital platform as MAPIC, expanding its presence and its role to cover every element of the leisure sector and entertainment sector, from destinations and operators, to investors and suppliers.

Next year LeisurUp will play a central role alongside MAPIC and The Happetite, in November across three days celebrating retail, the leisure industry, F&B and innovation at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes.

For 2020, MAPIC & LeisurUp Digital brought the core retail and leisure industry trends together across a series of insightful live and on-demand sessions and the platform is available until December 31 via www.mapic.com which includes all the live content, plus exclusive on-demand sessions, special content about the leisure industry and a networking platform.

This special report brings you a flavour of the challenges and opportunities facing the leisure industry and entertainment sectors as they prepare to reopen venues for business in 2021 and opportunities for leisure industry growth. We tie together views, analysis and expertise from speakers and participants on leisure industry trends such as story-telling; activations around health and fitness; sports and leisure; esports and gaming; integration of the leisure market within real estate; and F&B within venues.

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Mark Faithfull is Editor of the MAPIC Preview and News Magazines, as well as Editor of online publication and analysis specialist Retail Property Analyst.

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