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What does the customer really want?

This question concerns many of us, and is central in most of the improvements we implement in stores, commerce or restaurants. But the fact is the customer itself is not sure about what makes him or her happy or pleased. Which experience will he prefer? He doesn’t know before trying and therefore if asked, he will surely ne more likely to prefer what he already knows.

The retail stores you wish to create can no doubt benefit from a little boost.  Many studies, based on behaviourism and neuromarketing, have determined what makes most of the population more comfortable and therefore trigger buying intent.



Attract the consumer

There are many ways to attract the consumer inside your retail store: commercial, special promotions, music, etc. However, one of the most unexpected and yet powerful secrets of seduction is scent.  A nice perfume will guide you inside without you noticing that you are already looking at the products displayed.

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Comfortable environment

One of the parameters often forgotten is the room temperature. This is not only for your customers but also for the working staff.  The ideal temperature at which performance meets comfort  is set between 21 and 23°C (71.5°F). Plants can help with that. A scientific study of us showed that customers consume 30% more when there are the right plants around!

Finally, you can also give a more pleasant feeling by modifying the room itself: the higher a roof is, the more comfortable you feel. You can’t raise the size of your roof? No problem: use bright colours and lights on the roof to provide a more spacious feeling.






Product in particular

Make it easy for the consumer to enter, move around and buy in your shop. Once your customer is inside, he likes to get things easily. If you sell clothes, try putting the hat on top, the suit in the middle and the pants at the bottom, so he doesn’t has to search for the ideal combination of the three together.

You should also know that a colourful item will stand out in a black and white surrounding. You can display a nice red cashmere scarf in the middle of other grey woollen ones to boost your sales.

Design can also help you to bring in more sales: adding curved lines eases the view and optimises promotional efficiency. Because the eye likes to follow curves,  your visitors will see more products and stay longer in-store.


 retail consumatics


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