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Online to Offline Retail

In this post from Reportlinker, we study how to get customers to visit a brick and mortar store after browsing or shopping online is a challenge many retailers face.

Let’s take a look at the state of online to offline retail by the numbers:


  1. 44% of in-store shoppers visited a retailer’s website the week prior to making a purchase. The top reasons customers opt to make their purchases in-store are to avoid delivery fees, not having to wait for the product to arrive, and seeing an item before purchasing it. In addition, customers like to support local businesses.  Source:  Petit Bateau, Business News Daily


  1. 93% of purchases made in France are made in-store. However, a survey by research firm BVA, also found that 91% of French shoppers research products online before making an in-store purchase.  Purchases most often are made online when the product isn’t available in store or if the online price is cheaper.  As of January 2015, only 46% of local businesses in France had a website.  Source:  Google France, eMarketer


  1. Retailers want to encourage customers to want to know (research), want to go (shop) and finally want to buy. A study of 30,000 customers of a major multichannel European book retailer conducted by Department of Management of the University of Bologna (Italy) and Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College found the method that encourages customers to use multichannel shopping combined a message with no financial incentive.  These marketing campaigns were seen as the least manipulative. Source:  Google France, Retail Wire


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  1. The average person consults their smartphone 150 times daily. Retailers want to convert these micro-moments into sales.  Data from Adobe shows that the majority of visits to retail sights are made still via a computer.  Source:  Google France, Smart Insights


  1. 36 million French residents own smartphones. That’s 60% of the population.  For two million Millennials and Generation Z, smartphones are the only way they access the Internet.  The key to encouraging multichannel sales for large retailers is to adapt to French culture and shopping habits.  What works in one region, doesn’t always work in another.  Source:  Google France, Rude Baguette

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