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In this quest, developers are focusing on more mixed spaces, but also on architecture and design to make a splash. Which means that physical retailing is taking centre stage, aiming to offer consumers an improved, more diversified experience.

Retailing is experiencing a paradoxical moment: it can take place anywhere/anytime in its online version, but most consumers are still attached to real-world stores, to such an extent that pure e-commerce players are starting to open their own bricks & mortar outlets. In France, 50 years after they first appeared, shopping centres are now spearheading this change. Today, the concept of jumbo stores for the mass market is no longer in tune with consumer concerns. These sites need to be transformed into life enhancers combining entertainment, catering, culture and services. This shift is spelling the end of what previously dictated the design of shopping centres – namely, encouraging consumers to choose a pathway that maximized the number of shop windows they would walk in front of.


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The key points are:

  • Physical retailing goes centre-stage
  • The proof by example: focus on concrete cases…
  • Food
  • Art
  • Leisure activities
  • Diversity
  • Interview: the Cidade Matarazzo utopia


TOP PHOTO – Les Docks, Marseille 

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