Why Google Ads is Important for your Retail Business

When you conduct a Google search, you might notice that your first few results are always sponsored. It’s easy to imagine that those websites get the most clicks. So, how can you do the same for your business?

The answer is Google Ads. By paying for advertising on Google, you can appear at the top of search results, or your ad content will precede popular YouTube videos. Google’s expansive reach means you can target large swaths of people through the platform. Additionally, this advertising platform is budget-friendly, making it ideal for small businesses and major corporations alike. This guide will therefore tell you how to make the most of your Google Ads account and the ways this platform can benefit your marketing strategy.

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How to Use Google Ads

Google Ads is an extremely accessible platform. If your business has a Google account, then you should easily be able to sign up with the service and set up payment. However, once you open the tools on your dashboard, you will need to decide how to best use Google Ads to target your customers. The following three tips will help you get started with Google Ads and make the most of your ad budget.

Understand Different Types of Campaigns

Google Ads offers five different types of campaigns to its users: search network, display network, shopping, video, and app. A search network campaign will highlight your brand on all Google search platforms, including Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Shopping. This is how companies get their ads to the top of search results. Similarly, a display network campaign will present your visual ads to users on Google websites, such as Gmail.

Shopping, video, and app campaigns target specific areas of Google’s network. A shopping campaign will incorporate your e-commerce platform data into Google’s shopping network and highlight it in sponsored results. If you publish video ads, a video campaign will promote them on YouTube and other websites. Finally, an app campaign will target users of specific apps that allow Google to advertise on their platforms.

Understanding these different ad suites will help you decide what program is best for your business. If you frequently create video ads for other channels, then a video campaign might effectively expand your reach. Likewise, a local restaurant that wants to increase traffic might use a search network strategy to become more visible.

Use Smart SEO

To use Google Ads effectively, you will need to know what search terms your customers use to find your business. Outdoor clothing retailers, for example, would want to appear in searches for “outdoor store near me.” You should therefore consider the keywords that your audience might use when searching for the products that you offer. Then, you can incorporate each keyword in your Google Ads strategy. You can also use this platform to remove negative keywords to filter out people outside of your target group. A luxury brand, for example, might exclude search terms like “cheap” and “sale” from their Google Ads.

Boosting your website’s internal SEO will enhance the effectiveness of your Google Ads dollars. Unlike other advertisers, who reward those who spend the most money, Google Ads favors websites with the best SEO optimization. If your website does not contain the keywords that you bid on, then you still may not appear at the top of the search engine. So, if you want to make the most of what you spend per click, then you will need to make sure that your website is SEO-optimized.

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The Benefits of Google Ads for your Business

Although getting your Google Ads off the ground takes time and money, the results will be worthwhile for your company. This effective form of digital marketing can help you boost your visibility, generate new leads, and increase your profits. However, it also yields plenty of other benefits to your budget, and it gives you access to a treasure trove of consumer data.

Flexibility with Tight Budgets

Google Ads is a favorite among small businesses due to its flexibility. Users can select the types of ads they want, the keywords they wish to bid on, and the locations and demographics that they wish to target. This enables companies to selectively spend their advertising budgets on the platforms that give them the best results. Along with its flexibility, Google Ads has a low barrier for entry compared with other platforms. A company could spend $2/week to bid on a couple of keywords, and Google would honor that investment. This ensures that even the smallest businesses can take advantage of Google’s ad services.

High Returns on Ad Spending

Most advertising agencies and platforms like Facebook make you pay for ads, regardless of their effectiveness. Google only charges you per click. This garners one of the best returns on investment in advertising that is currently available. 

In addition to this policy, Google also provides you with live results from any ad campaign you conduct. The ability to view this information in real-time allows you to identify problems early and make changes as needed. Viewing real-time campaign performance further enhances the value of the money you spend on Google Ads by enabling you to use your investment to its fullest potential.

Enhanced Data Collection

For better or worse, Google has a reputation for keeping extensive data on its users. So, when you use Google Ads, you gain access to a slice of this treasure trove of consumer data. The platform will provide valuable information on consumers who click on your ads, such as which other websites they visited during their search. You can then use that information to better understand your customer base and your competition.

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